18W USB 3Heads Clip-on 18 LED Grow Light Dimmable Timing Red:blue 2:1 Plant Lamp DC5V

$29.22 $89.09
Shell Material: Aluminium alloy 
Power: 18W
LED Quantity: 18leds/head
LED Type:SMD2835
Light Color: Red:blue=2:1 (red:460nm  blue:660nm)
Is Dimming: Yes
Is Timing: Yes
Powre Type: USB power supply

-Energy electricity saving with higher-level efficiency. 
-Full spectrum, that is necessary and critical for plants growing and flowering from seeding to harvest.(460nm blue and 660nm red  is accelerating leaf growing,660nm red is promoting flowering.
-Comfortable, humanistic and high-performing. Perfect for small grow box,grow tent,DIY hydroponics,bonsai,garden etc. 
How to use:
1. Short press key:open,turn off the light.
2. Switch key:white light ,warm light white warm, you can switch Arbitrarily.
3. Brightness adjustment key :( -) Nine stage of brightness arbitrarily to adjust.
4. Time to open the key:
(1) A Short click to enter the 3H timing function,led 5seconds flash.
(2) The second time to enter the 9H timing function ,5seconds flashing two times.
(3) Short press the third time to enter the 12H timing function ,5seconds flashing three times.
(4) Short press the fourth time to cancel the timer function.
Package Included:
1 x 3Heads Clip-on Grow Light