20pcs 5.5V 4F H Style Horizontal Super Capacitor Farah Capacitor Double Layer Capacitor Low ESR

$23.90 $73.77

Type: 5.5V 4.0F super capacitor H Style
Withstand voltage: 5.5V
Capacitance: 4F

Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Long life cycles: 1200000 times charge and discharge
Low ESR fast charge only few seconds
Large current discharge
Green pollution-free
Wider practicability for car starting, solar wind and other ect.
Safe and easy to use
Don't need to maintain within 1200000 cycles.
Size: 24.6 x 6mm

Package included:

20 x 5.5V 4F Farah capacitor


Customer Reviews

  • ggaglio
  • 6/24/20 12:00 AM
All things considered due to Covad-19 issues, items arrived fairly quick. Packaging could have been more robust, some parts had bent pins. Thank you.