20W/40W E27 Bulb Full Spectrum Grow Light Growth Lamp for Hydroponics Plant

$28.99 $98.94
Features :

-Perfect for providing light and energy for indoor plants growth needed in different life cycle from germination to flowering and fruiting
-Provide fast heat dissipation and makes very low noises, long lifespan assured
-Full spectrum promotes plant growth, provide everything plants in the natural sunlight
-Adjustable rope for hanging the grow light to different heights

Specifications :

Input Voltage: 220V
Frequency Range: 50Hz-60Hz
LED wacelength: 400-830nm
Material: Aluminum
Lifepan: 50000Hours
Waterproof Grade: IP64
Bulb: E27

40W :

Size: 200*90mm
Weight: 120g
Recommand Install Height: 1M
Covering Area: 9㎡
Recommand Usage Amount: 54pcs/666㎡

20W :

Size: 140*80mm
Weight: 70g
Recommand Install Height: 0.6M
Covering Area: 4㎡
Recommand Usage Amount: 160pcs/666㎡

Package Included :

1 x LED Grow Light