20x20mm Upgrade Betaflight F4 Noxe V1 Flight Controller AIO OSD 5V 8V BEC w/ Barometer and Blackbox for RC Drone FPV Racing

$22.07 $78.54
20x20mm Betaflight F4 Noxe V1 Flight Controller AIO OSD 5V 8V BEC for RC Drone 

Firmware: betaflight_4.1.0_FLYWOOF411.hex
2. 1.6mm Thickness PCB 
3. Add 8V 3A dependent BEC
4. The black box is upgraded to 16MB
5. Add IIC (SDA, SCL) Port
6. Add CURT (current signal) input port
7. Remove PPM Port 
8. Support 2-6S Lipo input

Item Name: Betaflight F4 Flight Controller
Model: F4 Nox4 V1
Version: Standard Version / Deluxe Version
Standard  Version: Without  Barometer and Blackbox
Deluxe Version: With Barometer and Blackbox

MPU: MPU6000
Input Voltage: Support 2-6S Lipo Input
Firmware: betaflight_4.1.0_FLYWOOF411.hex
Built-In Betaflight OSD 
Built-in 5V@2.5A & 8V@3A BEC
Support Spektrum 1024 /2048 , SBUS, IBUS, PPM,
            and 3.3V Spektrum Satellite receiver 
Size: 27x27mm
Mounting Hole: 20x20mm , M2.5
Weight: 4.3g
Application: for less than 150mm frame kit

Diagram Picture Instruction:
GND: Ground
4.5V: Receiver power supply
5V:  BEC 5V 2.5A cont.
8V:    BEC 8V 3A cont.
3.3V:  LDO3.3V,MAX.150MA
VBAT :   share Lipo power 7.4V-26V(2-6S)
PWM1,PWM2,PWM3,PWM4:  ESC Signal
VOUT:  Video output for video Transmitter
VIN:  Camera Video input
BUZ BUZ-:  General active 5V buzzer for dbuz 5V
LED:  LED_Strip WS2812 LED signal
RX1 & TX1:   UART1
RX2 & TX2:   UART2
RX2(DSM/IBUS): DSM2/DSMX/IBUS RC Receive(Software Settings RX2)
SBUS: SBUS RC Receive (Software Settings RX2)
RSSI:Receiver signal strength
CAM-C: Camera control
CURT:Current signal input

Package Included:
1x F4 Noxe V1 Flight Controller
1x Cable

Customer Reviews

  • Eddy Hsia
  • 2/24/19 8:34 PM
An extra UART for GPS, 5V BEC 3A, easy soldering for a 50 year old. ;-) Use NOX is updating firmware.
  • Arlen Croak
  • 11/5/20 11:03 AM
really good flight borad
  • Eddy Hsia
  • 11/17/20 8:42 AM
arrived early
  • crash
  • 12/13/20 2:17 AM
I need to order a few more ....got here fast
  • MarcoLau
  • 10/3/18 11:19 AM
bought this after searching “INAV F4 flight controller “ and this came up in the search. waited a long time for it to arrive from China. when I connected it to INAV to flash the firmware. The F4 noxe was NOT an option anywhere. I asked on the INAV Facebook page and was told it’s not supported. very disappointed in this! The micro was flashed but not the nox...
  • dengis
  • 12/29/20 10:44 AM
Nice little flight controller for the value.
  • Eddy Hsia
  • 12/4/19 9:59 PM
This is the kind of flight controller that if it breaks, you throw it away and get a new one. While it works, it works really well.
  • Justin420
  • 3/3/19 2:31 AM
I have 2 of these things and they work great for small or large sized quads. Using one for a brushless whoop build and it flys amazing. Great and Quick shipping! 5 stars! Thanks Banggood!
  • kirkcronin1
  • 8/6/19 4:43 PM
Good inexpensive flight controller. Only has two UARTS, however with betaflight soft serial remapping, was able to connect everything I needed to.
  • Andrewjd24
  • 1/9/20 3:51 AM
- 2 stars due to the fact that the main images show the board as NOXE, BUT THEY SAY TO FLASH FLYWOOF....... DOES NOT WORK on the flywoof firmware......? Why would you guys say that? I get no barometer no accelerometer completely shot.. Also when I wire camera control to cam-c.... my receiver doesnt work then... It is bound... but does not work. Flash Noxe legacy 4.0.1 worked.... except camera control🤦‍♂️ And the fact that flywoof should be flashed...... not Noxe
  • BenjaminWThomas
  • 8/2/20 11:10 PM
Got three of these: remarkable for the price. Had one of the originals Deluxes with no I2C, and was pretty excited to see this new rev... on sale! Very nice production quality with neat, uniform solder and crisp silkscreen. Documentation on Banggood is all I've found, but everything I've connected so far seems to be very solidly working. While iNav 2.5 has ongoing support for the original standard and Deluxe versions, this newer board isn't part of the suite, but firmware inav_2.3.0_FLYWOOF411.hex (available from Flywoo site) for iNav 2.3.3 seems to work very well, baro seems snappy and precise in bench test, and is a welcome feature indeed on a 20mm board. Only 2 UARTs with 1 soft serial. I have yet to hook up I2C, but am planning the little Matek GPS/mag, with iBus serial rcvr and VL053X ranging, and BLTE 4.2 on soft serial. (Banggood has JDY-18 that works great with iOS and MacOS.) Not sure what frame, yet, but should be fun.
  • todd
  • 10/6/19 8:14 AM
very good inexpensive and small flight controller, with OSD..... has speed of light 3.5, I set up on my Bixler with GPS working great
  • Lauland
  • 6/6/20 9:44 PM
20x20 mm Upgraded Betaflight f4 noxe v1 flight Controller
  • BG344044451
  • 10/2/20 8:49 AM
very good
  • HoSS
  • 5/14/19 12:18 PM
  • JAHS22
  • 11/4/19 11:19 PM
works great. Flashed it to BTFL4.0.6NOX its on some 20A ESC's from AKK with a 1200tvl cam & a 400mw VTX
  • Vic_Voss
  • 10/3/19 6:40 PM
AMAZING little flight controller! The extra bells and whistles of the Deluxe version are definitely worth the extra few bucks but the Acro version is perfect if you don't need the blackbox and baro.
  • dey-o
  • 10/28/18 6:38 PM
This board works fine. I only have one weird thing where as soon as I arm, the motors spin at min throttle even with airmode and all the regular stuff is turned off. Might be a bug in the BF target hex for this FC. Some things I ran into during the build was where to tap into for everything. I'm using the BS-28A 4-in-1 ESC and the plug hooks straight up to it. The BG diagram says the channel order for the connector on the FC is 3 4 1 2 VBatt Ground but it's actually 4321. I used resource remapping in the CLI to fix it. The VBatt and ground can take direct lipo input, which is what the BS-28A puts out, so that's convenient. The 4 pads in the rear are ground, +5V (switched), Video out to VTX, Video in from cam. The +5V is not powered with USB power in the back, so you have to plug in a lipo. Keep that in mind while troubleshooting. Everything else is pretty self explanatory. So far, it's a great FC and makes wire routing easy and clean.
  • Vic_Voss
  • 10/3/19 6:50 PM
Love this flight controller! The Acro version is perfect if you don't need the blackbox or baro.
  • webternals
  • 10/3/19 9:28 AM
very nice FC. Found out finally what the like VCC 5 volt jumper is for. It changes what voltage is output on the Camera voltage output pin!