30.5x30.5mm FlyColor X-Tower 2 F7 Bluetooth Flight Controller w/ 5V 10V BEC Ouput & 60A BL_32 3-6S 4in1 ESC Support DJI Air Unit RC Drone FPV Racing

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Brand Name: FlyColor

Model: X-Tower 2

Item Name: F7 Flight Controller & 60A BL_32 4in1 ESC Stack

Mounting Hole: 30.5x30.5mm ( M3)

Size: 41.7×44.8×16.7mm
Weight: 26g

F7 Flight Controller

( Separate FC )

MCU of F7: STM32F722
F7 Firmware: STM32F7X2 (Config.: FLYCOLORF7)
ESC Firmware: Flycolor_X_Cross_BL_32
Bluetooth: FC_Bluetooth.
USB: Type C

- With 3.3V 5V 10V BEC Output
Installation Hole: 30.5×30.5mm, M3

Weight: 9.5g (Without Accessories)
Demension: 39.5 x 36 x 7.8mm

60A BL_32 4in1 ESC

Con. Current: 60A

Burst Current: 70A (10S)

Input Voltage: 3-6S Lipo

Firmware: Flycolor_X_Cross_BL_32

Size: 36x36mm


1. Supports SBUS,SPEKTRUM1024/2048 etc. remote control / receiving mode.
2. FC integrated 3.3V,5V, 12V for receiver, VTX, camera, buzzer, LED and other peripheral devices.
3. 4-way led port, independent 5V BEC power supply, making the power supply more safe and reliable.
4. Supports Betaflight Configurator to adjust the LED color.

5. MOSFET with high performance and low Rds , not afraid of large current, more suitable for rapid flight.

6.Two layers tower structure between 4in1 ESC and FC,using cable for quick connection, using silicone vibration absorber for supporting, 

  reducing the effect of vibration on Flight Control.

7. Damped light does regenerative braking, causing very fast motor retardation, and inherently also does active freewheeling.

8. The code supports regular 1-2ms pulse width input, as well as Oneshot125 , Oneshot42 and Multishot .

9. All Dshot and Proshot signals are supported.

Pacakge Included:

1x F7 Flight Controller

1x 60A ESC Board

1x Connection Cable

1x bag of Screw