3pcs 40uF Motor Capacitor CBB65 450VAC Air Conditioner Compressor Start Capacitor

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The edge of the capacitor thickening of the metal zinc aluminum film as electrodes and media. The film was taken up in an aluminum casing after being wound up by a winding machine. And then in the shell into high purity castor oil to keep the vacuum state, and can make the product high temperature.

This product's performance is better, longer life. This product also uses the second generation of mechanical explosion-proof design as an explosion-proof means, so the performance of the product has a great guarantee.


Ambient temperature: -25℃ to + 70℃
Capacitance range: 15uF/20uF/25uF/30uF/35uF/40uF/45uF/50uF +/- 5%
Rated voltage: 450V AC 50/60HZ
Capacity: precision: J:±5% K:±10%
Insulation resistance: T-T≥3000MΩUf(20℃,100VDC)
Tg loss tangent value: tgδ≤0.002(100HZ,20℃)
Withstand voltage: 2.0Un 3S

Dimensions: (Diameter x Height)

TypeF: 40uF- 4.9 x 12.5cm


Air conditioning
Washing machine
Electric fan


No sense of detention type winding metallized polypropylene film structure
The plastic round shell, plastic seal or resin encapsulation seal
Small volume, light weight, low loss, excellent self-healing property
Applicable to the frequency of 50 hz, 60 hz single-phase motor start and running
Suitable for micro motor, water pump, fan, single-phase motor, etc


Please confirm the size of the capacitor before you bid.

Package Included:

3 x Capacitor