4X Racerstar Racing Edition 2205 BR2205 2600KV 2-4S Brushless Motor Purple For 210 X220 250 280 for RC Drone

$39.02 $114.09
4X Racerstar Racing Edition 2205 BR2205 2600KV 2-4S Brushless Motor CW/CCW Purple For 210 X220 250 280 FPV Racing Frame

Brand: Racerstar
Item name: BR2205 2600KV Brushless Motor
RPM/V: 2600KV
Height: 31.5mm
Width: 27.9mm
Shaft diameter: M5
Motor mount hole size: M3
Weight: 28 grams
Voltage: 2-4S
Battery: 2-4S lipo battery
Internal resistance: Ω
Usage: for 210 X220 250 280 FPV Racing Frame
CW screw thread motor comes with Purple cap
CCW screw thread motor comes with black cap
Long life Japanese NMB ball bearings
Efficient Japanese Kawasaki stator steel
Rare earth magnets stable up to 180
Oxygen free pure commer wires
CNC machined aluminum case
Silicone wire leads
Patented balance techniques
Unique wiring method

Package included: 
2 x BR2205 2600KV Brushless Motor Purple CW
2 x BR2205 2600KV Brushless Motor Purple CCW


Customer Reviews

  • b1gent
  • 9/21/17 9:24 AM
  • mic
  • 3/25/18 12:56 AM
great starter motors, pricing makes replacements
  • Bonez_rx8
  • 6/27/17 8:15 PM
I'm new so take it with a grain of salt. I like these motors so farthey have taken some hard hits and keep on going. this is my second set to keep as backups.
  • mauijoe98
  • 10/26/17 4:25 AM
I bought them for my Hippo 150, can't wait to et it up in the air.
  • Wildingo
  • 11/19/17 10:37 PM
these motors have more power than I really need on my quad. they all ran cool after a hard race. Great little motor
  • JWallace
  • 3/23/18 4:44 AM
  • craigolszewski
  • 9/29/17 8:43 PM
really happy with my new quad stuff!
  • doug
  • 7/28/18 6:12 PM
I wanted to try out some 2600KV motors on my new 210 build and for the price you can't beat the deal. After the first flight and a bunch of tuning they are Rockets. Color is great to!
  • andres
  • 2/13/18 6:50 PM
love the color
  • Greg R
  • 3/5/17 1:46 PM
they sure do rippp
  • ChristopherSchimke
  • 1/4/17 6:55 AM
these motors are fantastic! I have been rocking them on 3s and they scream! to my surprise they are fairly efficient about 4.5 min of hardcore flying/abuse with a 1500mah 35-70c turnigy nano! cant wait to see the monster transform on 4s!
  • Daniel Mach (Tampoon)
  • 3/19/18 12:50 PM
not alot to say installed and work as expected.
  • mndshok
  • 8/30/17 3:36 PM
If you are running a 3s battery then these are very good little motors they are punchy and the run very cool. If you are running a 4s battery and throttling it hard they do get a bit warm. They do have great power and are most definitely worth the cost.
  • jochhe1
  • 8/28/17 8:22 PM
Very good motor's very good action with dshot.
  • alphax
  • 7/19/17 1:04 AM
i've had these motors cranked up on some juice from the esc's. i have them running on DSHOT 600, and not had an issue at all with them! simply cannot beat the price for the quality and performance you get!!! DEFINITELY CONSIDER A SET FOR YOUR RACER!!!
  • Matt
  • 1/4/18 11:19 PM
These perform well and seem durable.
  • propbuster
  • 10/6/17 7:20 PM
good on light frames
  • AquaBlingDawg
  • 5/4/17 8:47 AM
Haven't flown with them yet, but the craftsmanship of them is good. Solid build.
  • ihgmex90
  • 1/23/18 7:54 PM
difinitivamente recomendados si buscas algo barato. tienen muy buen rendimiento a muy buen precio. son mas de lo que espere
  • CommanderMOY
  • 11/28/16 10:25 PM
Performance is outstanding, for price not sure why you would spend lots of money for high cost motors when in the real world they are comparable to other motors.