AC110-240V LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Plant Lamp For Indoor Hydroponic Veg Flowers

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This product is an upgraded version of the  Full Spectrum plant lamp.

High-efficiency luminescence, more comprehensive exposure to plants, abundant light, and promote plant growth

Promote growth and photosynthesis of plants, so that plants can still perform photosynthesis in the absence of sunlight

The product has a variety of color temperature wavelengths, including UV, infrared, this band emits ultraviolet and infrared radiation, the lighting effect is good and not glare

Waterproof and anti-leakage, fully sealed and waterproof design, can be used in wet locations

Adjustable rope, you can adjust the rope height of the lamp according to the needs of plants



 If you find that the product has several light beads, this is the UV and IR lamp beads. They mainly use radiation to promote plant growth. The equivalent of ultraviolet radiation is not a bad product.



Product Name: Full Spectrum Plant Light

Input voltage: AC110-240V

Frequency range: 50Hz-60Hz

Number of beads: 81 LEDs / 169 LEDs

Mode: full spectrum sunlight

Light color: (SMD2835) R B / 165 60

Brightness ratio: 3:1-4:1

LED wavelength: red 620-660nm, blue 460-470nm

Body color: Black

Plug: EU / US / UK / AU  plug

Cable length: 80cm


81 LEDs: 200x200x30mm/7.9x7.9x1.2in

169 LEDs: 280x280x30mm/11x11x1.2in


Package included:

1 x LED Plant growth lamp

1 x Stainless steel hook

1 x Power adapter cable