AGFRC RFS04C 2.4G 4CH+SBUS Compatible Futaba S-FHSS Receiver for RC Car Rock Crawler

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AGFRC RFS04C 2.4G 4CH SBUS Compatible Futaba S-FHSS Receiver for RC Car Rock Crawler
Brand name: AGFRC 
Item name: RFS04C receiver
Operating Voltage: 3.3-8.4V    
Receiving Mode: Futaba S-FHSS
NO. of Channels: 4CH SBUS
Dimension: 35.5x23.3x13.2mm
Weight: 7.3g 
Antenna: Dual-antenna  
Applicable Futaba S_FHSS / TM-FH RF Module
Futaba 4PX, 7PX, 4PV, 3PV etc. S_FHSS system
Bind Procedure:
1. Bring the transmitter and the receiver close to each Other, within 20 inches (half meter).
2. Turn on the transmitter.
3. Turn on the receiver
4. Press and hold the Link switch more than two(2) seconds. When the link is complete,the LED in the receiver changes to solid green. When the ID cannot be read due to the surrounding environment, try reading it with the transmitter and receiver antennas touched.
Package included:
1x RFS04C receiver


Customer Reviews

  • Larry
  • 2/29/20 1:51 AM
I purchased 5 of these receivers and I'm happy with them. Used the first one today in my 1/8th scale monster buggy. I use the Futaba 4PV telemetry system Transmitter. It's a bit tricky pairing this one but, once I chose the correct settings on the transmitter and held the receiver pair button before turn it on, everything was a snap after that. excellent little forward only receiver.