AuroraRC FUNNY5 210mm 5 Inch Toothpick Frame Kit 5mm Arm 3K Carbon Fiber & TPU 25.5x25.5mm

$29.67 $109.48


Brand: AuroraRC

Item Name: FUNNY5 210mm 5inch Toothpick Frame

Model: FUNNY5 Frame Kit

Materail: 3K Carbon Fiber & TPU

Wheelbase: 210mm

Arm Thickness: 5mm

Size: 175x175x55mm

Interior space:33Wx40Lx23H (mm)

Weight: 51g

Recommend Parts: ( Not Included)

Flight Controller: F4 / F7 AIO(25X25mm/25.5x25.5mm/26.5x26.5mm spacing)

Brushless Motor: 1504/ 1506/ 1507/1606/1608 Motor(Φ12mm)

                             2204/2205/2206/2207/2306/2307 Motor(Φ16mm)

Propeller: 5inch/5.1 Inch 

Battery: 3-6S 500mAh- 1300mAh Lipo Battery

Camera: 14mm size camera / 19mm size camera(Optional)

Package Included:

1x Upper Carbon fiber 

1x Bottom Carbon fiber 

4x Arm

1x TPU Canopy(Color and size options)

1x TPU Battery pad 

1x Battery bandage 

20x Shock absorber circle 

4x M2x18 screw (For FC)

4x M2x25 screw (For FC)

10x M2x12 screw (For arm)

12x M2 nuts (For FC and Canopy)

5x M2 nylon nuts(For FC)

4x M2x10 screw (For canopy)

20x M2x8 screw (For motor)

20x M3x8 screw (For motor)