BS-880 Flight Control GPS Module With HMC5883L Electric Compass For APM 2.5 2.6 pixhawk

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BS-880 Flight Control GPS Module With Electric HMC5883L Compass For APM2.5 2.6 Pixhawk PIX4.


- Item Name: BS-880 Flight Control GPS Module
- Size: 28*28*10mm
- Weight:10g
- Power supply: DC 2.8-6.0V,Typical:3.3V or 5.0V
- Power consumption: Capture 50mA@5V
- Receive format: GPS L1 1575.42MHZ   C/A  Code
- Receiving Channel:56 Searching Channel
- Receiving Sensitivity:Trace -167dBm,Capture-148dBm
- Positioning Time:Cold Start:average27s,Warm Start:average26s,Hot Start:average3s
- Level Positioning Precison:2m At Open Wind: 2.0m at open space
- Output Frequency:1Hz-10Hz,Default 1Hz
- Speed Precison:0.1 m/s (Without Aid)
- Acceleration Precison:0.1 m/s (Without Aid)
- Dynamic Characteristics:Max Height:18000m,Max Speed:515m/s,Max Acceleration:4G
- UART Interface:UART Port:TXDA and RXDA,Support Rate:4800bps to 115200bps,Default 9600dps
- Working Temperature:-45℃- 85℃
- Storage Temperature:-55℃- 95℃
- With electronic compass: IC HMC5883L

GPS Module With electronic compass IC HMC5883L
1.25mm spacing between the 6pins patch seat
The Module’s Pins:SDA,GND,TX,RX,VCC,SCL.

Packeage Included:
1 X BS-880 GPS Module 
1 X15cm Cable


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