Car Dual Battery Isolator 200A 150A 12V-24V RV Retrofit Dual Battery Protector

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#1: Voltage display meter
#2: 150A without voltage display meter
#3: 150A with voltage display meter
#4: 250A without voltage display meter
#3: 250A with voltage display meter


1.150A 250A 12V 24V peak 500A,
2. The quiescent current is less than 0.3mA, pre-installed design
(Generally, the car factory stipulates that each module must be less than 2mA after the flame is turned off, and most of them on the market are 20mA
Above, the isolator for running power should be carefully selected)
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3. Intelligent flashing of LED, multi-state indication of main and auxiliary battery status
4. Intelligently adjust the pull-in time to achieve staggered charging and protect the generator
5. Two-way power borrowing, two-way charging and discharging
6. Low power consumption and no heat.
7. Use occasions: dual battery systems such as motorhomes, off-road vehicles, cruise ships, etc., to solve the main and auxiliary power.
Battery charging and discharging and borrowing problems.

Package Included:

1 x Car Dual Battery Isolator 200A 150A