Charsoon DC-4S 2-4S Li-poly/Li-ion Battery Balance Charger & Voltage Detector with Power Adapter for RC Drone

$19.61 $62.06
Charsoon DC-4S 2-4S Li-poly/Li-ion Battery Balance Charger & Voltage Detector with Power Adapter

Notice: upgrade with more powerful Power Adapter in  12V 3A 36W
             Separately power adapter, you can click .

Brand Name: Charsoon
Model: DC-4S
Item Name: 2-4S  Li-poly/Li-ion Battery Balance Charger & Voltage Detector
Color: Pink, Blue and Gold (Optional)

Operating Voltage Range: 9V-16V DC
Operating Temperature: -20-45℃
Cells Type Supported: 2-4 cells Li-lon/Li-poly
Input Power Request: Recommended 30W
Max Charge Power: 25W
Charge Current: 1500mA
Charge Accuracy: ±10mV
Balance Current: 1000mA
Display Accuracy: ±10mV
Size: 81mmx50mmx20mm
Weight: 95g
Power Adapter: 12V@3A with US Plug (send suitable plug connector for your country)

-100% brand new and high quality

-Ready to charge, one step to finish charge process

-Ready to display, display the voltage at any time

-High charge accuracy, ±10mV(max)

-Multi-protection, keep charging safe

-Auto recover the over charging battery

-Save energy, balance process don't need discharge

Package Included:
1x 2-4S Balance Charger
1x Power Adapter 


Customer Reviews

  • BG234816484
  • 5/9/20 2:30 PM
works as it should
  • PabloE
  • 9/5/18 8:55 AM
Good for beginners, it can charge 1 lipo in 20-40 minutes
  • Ivesalva
  • 6/24/17 8:12 AM
I like this charger its very cheap and easy to use. just plug a battery in and wait for it to charge. no buttons required.
  • gabeberco
  • 1/29/18 1:17 AM
it was loose inside and got hot fast so i put siliucone iknside now no rattle dont get to hot print crooked in back
  • Biggun
  • 2/8/17 1:56 PM
At first just looked like a tester but charger has bells that chime for different set voltages plus tells of bad cells ...And it actually fixed a very used battery that my 99.00 IMAX wouldn't even charge !!!
  • Jasonwilde
  • 8/12/18 1:37 AM
This is a good one to get you by. Great shipping and quick. Tends to get hot but it's works. I'm happy with this product for the price.
  • kadir
  • 11/27/17 2:34 PM
works fine great for the price it charges my 3s in about a few hours.
  • BG411543834
  • 2/25/21 8:21 PM
2 to 4 cells battery charger
  • IRbaboon
  • 1/5/18 1:41 PM
super small charger that combos as a cell checker. I can throw it in my pocket and check cell voltages while out in the field!
  • styleone310
  • 8/19/17 2:05 PM
I haven't used it yet but everything looks as described. packaging is good.
  • Trypsta
  • 8/6/17 3:14 AM
Great charger. Had a small scratch when I got it but it does not affect functionality so nothing to complain about.
  • Ryan
  • 12/31/17 7:41 AM
Great charger. For the money you can’t beat it. I will be buying another.
  • Jason
  • 12/27/17 2:08 PM
Now comes with an upgraded 3A power supply so you can actually use it on 4S!
  • PabloE
  • 9/5/18 8:11 AM
Great value charger, it can charge 4s lipos and its great for FPV beginners
  • Rockbert
  • 3/5/18 12:44 AM
Takes a standard 5.5mm power jack so you can use it from a car battery. I will get some more so I can enjoy a long day of flying!
  • Bennett
  • 7/12/17 8:11 PM
At first I thought it was going to be cheap. But after I used it I can't say anything bad about it. A must have for a on the go person who needs a charger/checker
  • nashilling
  • 2/16/20 8:14 PM
got it, perfect condition, and working good
  • RonTropics
  • 1/17/17 4:45 PM
I've been using this to charge little one cell batteries for my QX80, two at a time. This works perfect since most nicer chargers, like my SkyRC iMAX won't charge batteries like this since they don't have a balance lead and discharge lead like XT60. It's great how small and compact it is and also works as a battery checker too so I just keep it in the back pack with me always.
  • BG113716152
  • 5/15/20 11:10 AM
really nice charger, is small and very compact, comes with wall outlet for charging and you can charge up to 3 lipos in 1
  • kingc5464
  • 9/21/17 5:30 PM
seems like a good little charger and I like that it takes 9 to 16 vdc I would of liked the power transformer to at least feel less cheap. but I figure I canjust cut the end of and use one of my own transformers