Clean-n-Fresh Automatic Flush Blue Bubble Toilet Cleaner Deodorization Cleaning Household Chemicals

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Description :

XIAOMI Clean-n-Fresh Automatic Flush Blue Bubble Toilet Cleaner Toilet Deodorization Cleaning Household Chemicals for Bathroom Restroom Cleaner

Blue deep cleansing: 
The blue area is rich in anionic surfactants, which are compatible with the dirt molecules, and combine with water molecules to form micelles, which are washed by water to loosen the dirt molecules.
White curing toilet glaze: 
The white area is enriched with non-ionic surfactants that release cleansing foam when flushed and accelerate the decomposition of dirt. At the same time, the additive is integrated with the scale-forming calcium and magnesium ions to prevent scaling and maintain the toilet glaze.

1 box is enough for half a year: 
1 box containing 12 packs, 40g per pack, sustainable use
Specification :

Brand XIAOMI Clean-n-Fresh(XIAOMI Cooperation Brand)
Type Toilet Cleaner
Material  Surfactant, Deodorant, Yuan Ming Powder
Color  As Pictures Shown
Weight  500g
Product Capacity 40g / Bag ( 12 pieces in a box )
Shelf Life Two Years

Package Includes :

12 x 
Clean-n-Fresh  Toilet Cleaners