Contour Memory Foam Pillow Slow Rebound Orthopedic Sleeping Posture Horn Mat

$29.99 $111.49
1.FEEL SLEEP ON A CLOUD: This memory foam pillow for sleeping enables to eliminate pressure points on your neck& head, helps to relax your muscles and gently coaxes the sinus passages to open, which is great for snoring, insomnia, stress and anxiety relief.
2.CERVICAL PILLOW FOR NECK PAIN: Your doctor may have told you how to choose a right pillow to relieve neck pain: lower pillow for back & stomach sleeping, and higher pillow for side sleeping for natural spine alignment. 
3.HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Our memory foam material is Polyether polyurethane. The washable pillowcase crafts with greatest quality of breathable and hypoallergenic to create a skin-friendly surface to touch for your face.
4.LONG-LASTING: Save your money by a durable pillow. Pillows in cheap polyester or expensive feather will lose shape over time. But this one in memory foam won’t go flat. 
5.Multiple support areas design can provide effective protection

Product name: Memory Foam Pillow
Outer material: White air layer
Filling: Polyether polyurethane
Size: 62x33x11cm/24.4x13x4.3inch
Color: White
Shape: Ox horn
Appliance: Men/Women/Side Sleepers/Back Sleepers/Neck Pain

Package included: 
1 x Memory Foam Pillow