DMOND RGH008 2.4GHz 8CH Full Range Telemetry RC Receiver Comaptible Graupner HOTT+SUMD System Support Two-way Data Return for RC Drone

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DMOND RGH008 2.4GHz 8CH Full Range Telemetry RC Receiver Comaptible Graupner HOTT SUMD System Support Two-way Data Return for RC Drone


Our most affordable 2.4GHz full range receiver with built-in telemetry, this 8 channel receiver is small sized and lightweight, lending itself very well for small park flyers, lightweight hand launch sailplanes, helicopters and multirotors. The ultra-low voltage requirements allows it to operate on a single-cell LiPo making ideal for DLG gliders.

It provides real-time bi-directional data transmission of critical system health datalike temperatures, receiver voltage and signal strength using the Graupner HoTT protocol providing you with telemetry information you need for a safe and secure flight.


Brand Name: DMOND

Item Name: RGH008 RC Receiver

Model: RGH008

Operating Voltage Range:3.5~8.4V

Dimension: 47.5X25.5X15mm  

Weight: 11g

Operating Range: Full range

Number of Channnels: 8 standard channels

Package size:

Blister size: 145*90*20 mm  

Weight: 37g



RGH008 Compatible Receiver is designed to use with all of the HT system transmitters.

Transmitters MZ-32 MZ-12 MZ-10 MC-28 MC-26 X-8E X-4S.


Up to 75 channel hopping for extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference

Compact and lightweight

Front load servo connections for easier installation in small airframes

Digital SUMD, SBUS signal output providing connectivity to other vendors flight controllers

Selectable frame rate of 10ms or 20ms for digital or analog servos

Fail Safe and Hold function

Low power consumption

Wide voltage ranges from 3.5V to 8.4V

Built-in telemetry for temperatures, receiver voltage and receiver strength monitoring

Bind procedure:

- Turn on the transmitter and receiver, the stadus LED of the receiver blinks red untill the receiver is bound to the transmitter.

- Enter BIND mode of your transmitter and press&hold on the F/S button on the receiver for over 3 seconds, the red stadus LED and the green stadus LED blink together. After that, follow the procedures of your transmitter to bind, the system will connect within a few seconds. Once connected, the stadus LED on the receiver turns solid green, indicating the receiver is bound to the transmitter.

- If the binding process has failed, repeat the whole procedure.

LED Status:

Red Led Green Led Status
Blink OFF No signal reception
Blink Blink Binding mode
OFF Solid Receiving signals

Package Included:

1 x RGH008 Receiver