E27 2/3/4 Blades Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb Folding Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Lamp 85-265V

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LED Quantity:


Base Type: E26 / E27
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

LED Type: 2835SMD LED

LED Qty: 120/180/240PCS(60LED/leaf)
Light Color: Warm white+Red+Blue+Ultraviolet+Infrared
Working temperature: 77°F-113°F
Working Humidity: 45%-90%

Waterproof Class: IP54

Material: Aluminum+PC, ABS

Best Sunlike Full Spectrum:

All LEDs are 580nm-1000nm full spectrum! With all the light sources needed for plant growth, the grow light can accelerate the growth of your flowering plants, succulents, potted plants, fruits and vegetables.
Energy Saving:

Our grow light has higher power than other similar grow lights on the market, which provides great brightness to accelerate the growth of various types of plants in every stage of development. Low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, longer service life and higher energy efficiency.
Larger Lighting Area with 90° Fan Blades:

The grow light bulb with 3 foldable fan blades adjustable from 0°-90°, so you can easily adjust the angle and distance between the light and plants. Multi-row LED beads expand the lighting area to provide more efficient light for more plants. Recommended distance between the grow light and the plants:7.8''-23.6'' (20cm-60cm); The cover area is about 4.3-43 sq.ft (0.4㎡-4㎡).

Rapidly Increases Growth:

With high-quality LED chips to improve luminous efficiency and have higher PAR / lumen output. It can effectively promote the growth of the leaves and rhizome, protein synthesis, blossom and bearing fruit
Heat dissipation & IP54 Waterproof:

The heat sink design makes the grow light dissipate the heat super efficiently when working. The grow light bulb is IP54 waterproof, each blades with transparent cover that prevents water or water mist from wetting the lamp beads, thus improving safety and prolonging the service life of the LED grow lamp.
Perfect "Gift" for Indoor Plants:

Perfect for your medicinal plants, indoor plants, greenhouse, succulents, large house plants, tomatoes, chili, flowers, vegetables, garden, palms, cactus, herbs, orchids, aquarium, citrus, fish tank, aquaponics, office potted plants, etc.
Easy Installation:

Fits any standard E26 / E27 socket. Just screw in and watch plants growing.

Suitable for all grow stages and various plants;
Germing, veg, flower/bloom, fruit etc;
Vegetables: lettuce, chilli, tomatoes, eggplant etc;
Ornamental, carnivorous, tropical plants: orchids, cactus etc;
Hydroponics, horticulture, greenhouse, garden, home grow etc.

Package Included:
1x LED Grow Light


Customer Reviews

  • Nokota Silver
  • 1/11/21 12:00 AM
Make no mistake, these WILL hurt your eyes if you try to use them in a room you regularly occupy. These are designed to imitate bright, direct sunlight, and they do a fantastic job. I replaced my USB plant light sticks with the red and blue LEDs with these. This year, when I brought my potted tree indoors from the summer and put it under a light, rather than just stay alive in the cold months? It kept growing as if it were still outside in summer. I cannot recommend these enough, and have ordered two more! But make sure to put it in a room where you do not sleep, and put it on a timer so that it is unlikely to be active when the room where it is set up is in use by humans. :)