Eachine Firer 110 110MM Micro Brushless FPV Multirotor Racing Frame RC Drone 19.5g 3K Carbon Fiber

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Eachine Firer 110 110MM Micro Brushless FPV Multirotor Racing Frame 19.5g 3K Carbon Fiber

Brand: Eachine
Item name: Firer 110 Micro Brushless Racing Frame
Size: 93mm*93mm*41mm
Weight: 19.5g
Wheelbase: 110mm
Material: 3K carbon fiber and CNC Aluminum alloy
Motor mount hole : 4 x M2 
Mounting hole center distance: 9mm
Flight controller mounting hole : 20mm*20mm 4xM2
Frame is High strength
Anti-drop performance very well
Unique design
FPV Camera Angle adjustable
Note: This is the frame only, package doesn't include other components needed for flight
Recommended configuration:
FC & receiver & ESC flytower:

Flight Controller: 

1104 brushless motor: 


2S 7.4V 550mah 
Package included:
1 x Firer 110 Micro Brushless Racing Frame


Customer Reviews

  • greg2b
  • 7/15/17 8:33 AM
I have been flying this frame for over 3 weeks(which is probably a record they way I break things) and so far this frame has held on pretty well. I used it as an upgrade from my Aurora 100 quad and the one I've built myself using the same components. It has held up to all crashes so far though I have yet to crash into a gate yet which was what killed the stock Aurora frame. The antenna is quite well protected though which is a definite plus. It always seems to be a bit tough to get the frame to fit easily on the first go so you might need to file some bits but I just push it in till it fits and it's all good after that. If anyone wants to see it in action I have a bunch of video on my Instagram:greg2bpro and some on my YouTube:G2Bpro
  • fred
  • 11/19/17 10:01 PM
Something different from the lizard although it will not swing the 2.4 inch props it's screaming around on the 2-inch Hulkies....6500 kv on 3s....ripper. solid frame
  • M***z
  • 9/11/17 4:11 AM
nice frame love it
  • machvolum
  • 10/4/19 6:17 PM
good quality carbon fiber, but it doesn't fit 2.4 inch props
  • Acerpower
  • 9/17/18 9:26 PM
This was a great little cost effective micro frame for my build. No regrets with this purchase
  • coombaka
  • 6/30/17 11:51 AM
waiting on other parts, will know soon if everything fits.
  • Whoopdeedoo
  • 5/19/17 5:59 AM
Changed out from aurora 90 nice frame and tougher than aurora. Had to add extensions to my motor wires.
  • bobdole
  • 6/16/17 10:12 PM
Love this little frame but had to shave the standoffs down on both the esc stack and FC to get it all to fit under the canopy
  • samuel
  • 7/10/17 10:09 PM
good frame works good strong
  • kurtsk
  • 10/12/17 8:20 PM
Excellent frame, super tough and easy to assemble. / Excelente frame, super ligero y facil de armar.
  • GimbalRocker
  • 3/19/17 8:23 PM
Has a few design flaws but for the price it's overall a great frame
  • eazytarget
  • 10/22/17 8:41 PM
This frame i was able to mod to fit the kingkong ESC and FC i just had to drill a couple extra holes but worked fine.
  • Kaity
  • 12/8/17 7:45 AM
I have found this frame to produce well balanced craft. I have noted that over time the arms tend to permanently flex if you are running with higher powered motors. Also, the arms will crack if they impact hard so it would be good to get a second frame for repairing. This does not mean that I do not really like this frame, I actually love it! Great value for the price!
  • coombaka
  • 10/3/17 5:10 PM
Good strong frame just don,t crash it anywhere that not grass!
  • Catherwin
  • 4/19/17 9:31 PM
Nice, thicker frame for the Eachine Aurora 90 or 100. Be aware that you may have to lengthen the motor wires to get them to mount, and you also need new motor mount hardware for the thicker frame. Otherwise, thumbs up!
  • kywmild
  • 8/28/17 9:57 AM
great quality for my 3s brushless motors!!
  • eaterofdog
  • 9/25/17 7:52 AM
Great frame for the minicube stack. Bottom plate is thick to withstand crashes. Uses AIO camera/VTX setup stock, but can be used with standard cam and separate VTX as seen in the photo. Most users will prefer 3S batteries. This is more fun than my 200 and 250s at half the price :/ Nice option to the Lizard 95 if you want to skip the cheap camera setup. FYI you better have good assembly skills, this stuff is TINY.