Farad Capacitor 2.7V 500F Super Capacitor With Protection Board

$49.67 $150.97

- Rated voltage (V): 16V (a farad capacitor is made up of 6pcs capacitors, the voltage of each capacitor is 2.7V)
- Rated capacity (F): 500F each capacity
- Size: 23 x 3.5 x 6cm
- Suitable For: Help users optimize backup power applications
- Long life and rapid charge / discharge and other advantages
- Up to a million times charge-discharge cycle life or 10 years DC
- With resistance or active monomer equalizing function
- Overvoltage output signal

Packing included:

1 x Farad capacitor



Customer Reviews

  • Conceptionist
  • 12/12/17 12:00 AM
packaged well with foam protection, no dents
  • eric1565
  • 6/27/18 12:00 AM
I have charged up to 15V, and it does bleed down over a few days, but at 3 days was still at 12V i have not run anything with it yet.
  • SparkOne
  • 9/7/18 12:00 AM
Great Great Work Perfect
  • Sensath
  • 12/20/17 12:00 AM
I purchased these to use as a battery tab spot welder (using just one) and it worked perfectly. It takes a bit to charge to full (I expect that with the capacity) but it does charge fully within a few minutes.
  • dlwalkeraz
  • 12/2/20 12:00 AM
Good product for the price.
  • Conceptionist
  • 11/28/17 12:00 AM
one of the capacitors arrived with a small dent otherwise ok. havn't tested yet