Fish Tank Aquarium Air Pump Oxygen Aquaponics Hydroponics Pond 220V Fishing Tool

$49.99 $161.78
This  series of pumps is non-Lubrication one,which gives off very clean air.It can be used for aquatic breeding,restaurant and live aquatic product keeping,also can be used for food packing,printing,spraying,electronic circuit board welding.Supporting medical equipment, environmental equipment,the use of gas stoves and so on.
-Power supply:220V AC/50HZ
-Working environmental temperature:0℃~35℃
-Pump must be installed flatly 20 centimeters above the water level and keep immovable in order to prevent liquid from flowing back
-Convenient to operate without oil,noise and air pollution
-The materials of cylinders and pistons is strong and durable,which is little wear after long time of working
-Product specifications,wide adaptation
-The structure is compact and innovative modeling,using good-quality materials,advanced manufacturing,small size,light weight
-Smooth operation
-The ratio of the electromagnetic pump air compressor power is about one-fifth of the traditional structure,which is energy-saving and large displacement.
-The shell plate structure is good for heat dissipation.
-1X Splice tube 
-1X Air vent
-1X Shunt tube
-1X Air pump