FVT LittleBee 30A ESC 2-6S BLHeli Supports OneShot125 For RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor

$18.54 $54.05
FVT LittleBee 30A ESC 2-6S BLHeli Supports OneShot125 For RC Multirotors

The LittleBee 30A ESC uses the Silabs processor and offers excellent freewheel and an exceptional braking capability.
Item name: FVT LittleBee 30A ESC
Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo
BEC Output: No
Continue Current: 30A, Burst Current:35A up to 10S
Size: 35*17
Weight: 11g(include Wire)
FirmWare: BLHELI 
Support Damped mode
Main IC: SILABS C8051F394
Package included:
1 x FVT LittleBee 30A ESC


Customer Reviews

  • shawnz
  • 10/22/16 10:07 PM
I have two full sets of these running Multishot 14.85. These are great but I only buy them one-offs to replace stuff I break. I've never had one burn up but I have had them stop working intermittently. I'm 99% sure this is user caused due to solder splatter. Totally my fault! If you are buying a new full set, find a deal on the 4 packs of the Blheli_s versions so that they support PPM, Onshot 125, Oneshot 42 and Multishot outof the box.
  • Joe Green
  • 5/10/17 3:29 PM
it came fast very cheap also thank you very much I suggest anybody to buy them
  • Crispy
  • 9/20/16 11:30 AM
These ECS's brought my drone to life. Huge upgrade from the 15A ESC's I was using. Been using these with Multishot 14.4 and they don't miss a beat. Blasting 4s with 2204-2300kv and when I come in for landing they are barely warm. Very happy with this purchase.
  • fsarfino
  • 8/15/16 4:53 PM
Great preforming esc's never got hot on 3s or 4s. Amazing value for the money and worked well with Kiss FC and Betaflight too. Super easy to program and plenty of wire length. Only downfall is the leadfree solder that all manufactures use. Be sure to remove it if your going to be soldering your own wire on these.
  • DavidPavlenko
  • 7/15/16 1:38 PM
Great ESC's they are flawless. They run races really well and I can't wait to use them for all my quads.
  • heritage9
  • 4/22/17 11:52 AM
really small works good
  • Toby T
  • 3/7/16 1:19 AM
These were easy to install no issues have run great for about a month now probably 100 packs run through them.
  • peacey
  • 8/30/16 8:42 PM
work great ,small and light
  • haneef101
  • 10/1/16 10:08 PM
i like it all good for me
  • zx1987
  • 6/30/18 10:01 AM
As expected! good product.
  • Ubiratans
  • 9/20/17 8:45 PM
very good esc