IdeaShow Black Neck Protecting U-shaped Pillow Airplane Car Office Nap Pillow Travel Pillow

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Imported memory cotton production, the product can be arbitrary deformation, easy to carry.
Perfect  protect your neck during lunch nap, to create the most comfortable office environment for you.
For you to adjust sitting position at work, relax the neck pressure,  prevent not sitting position for you effectively.
In accordance with the principles of human engineering and mechanical design to save the cervical spine, release pressure.
You can adjust itself according to the different ways of using the body's fat, thin, so that free to use  in different environments, every detail are so sweet.





1.Promote the blood circulation,alleviate the pressure of the neck
2.Prevent disease of neck shoulder, strengthen neck and shoulder care
3.Alleviate the pressure of the work to eliminate fatigue and stress at work
4.Improve the quality of office lunch break to promote sleep
5.Effectively solve the car tired neck sprain


Weight: appro.1700g
Color: black,
Size: 68x27cm
Fabric main components: memory cotton

Package included:
1x pillow (include the handle)