Jumper T-Lite 16CH Hall Sensor Gimbals CC2500/JP4IN1 Multi-protocol RF System OpenTX Mode2 Transmitter Support Jumper 915 R900/CRSF Nano for RC Drone

$75.99 $249.97

Jumper T-Lite 16CH Hall Sensor Gimbals CC2500/JP4IN1 Multi-protocol RF System OpenTX Mode2 Transmitter Support Jumper 915 R900/CRSF Nano for RC Drone


Brand Name: Jumper

Item Name: T-Lite


Weight: 260g (with 18650)

Voltage: DC3 5-4. 2V

Battery: 1x18650(Battery not included,you can to buy)

Channel: 16ch

External Micro SD Card: resered SD card slot



Opentx firmware


High quality hall sensor gimbals

Internal Multi-protocol moduleI

Support Jumper 915 module (sell seperately) compatiable with Jumper R900 series receivers, Frsky R9 series receivers,full speed TBS NANO Crossfire supported

Built in USB-C charging

Voice and Vibration function

Screen Module Chip
Hall Sensor
1.3 " LCD screen

4IN1 Module

A7105-Flysky,Hubsan,AFHDS2A etc

CC2500-Frsky,Futaba SFHSS,Hitec,Radiolink,Esky,Corona etc

CYRF6936-DSM / DSMX,Walkera Devo,Wfly etc


Hall Sensor
1.3 " LCD screen
CC2500-frsky, Futaba SFHSS,Hitec,Radiolink,Esky,Cor

Package included:

1x T-LITE  Transmitter


Customer Reviews

  • Pacorff57
  • 3/23/21 12:27 PM
the product in itself is awesome, exactly what I needed for my micro drones. the wait was a little long but you know that is always a possibility ordering from abroad
  • BG101161446
  • 3/17/21 10:16 AM
Very good RC. the Multi-protocol works well. only downside is the material they use to make the controller has a weird soft texture that I hate touching. I wrapped all the touch points with electrical tape to make it feel like normal plastic
  • dse
  • 3/17/21 2:51 PM
Good budget radio. Well made.
  • bandokid
  • 3/8/21 12:11 PM
looks awesome
  • p3rb3rt3d
  • 2/24/21 6:55 PM
No complaints. My first multi protocol and had my first plane bound in no time. Read up, watch the videos and best of luck. BTW, since the battery I ordered is still in Limbo, I ended up going to a local vape shop and buying a 3000mah 18650 there. It's a flat top, but I had to stretch the pin out for it to make contact? Seems room enough to fit a button style!
  • BG114443252
  • 2/23/21 3:05 PM
Awesome little radio. Good value and glad I purchased.
  • BG691254222
  • 3/27/21 3:20 PM
It came in earlier than expected. Can't wait for the other package (batteries/18650's) to come in so I can start using it. Thanks Banggood. I will surly use this website again.
  • BG165441224
  • 2/14/21 8:23 PM
This thing is great!
  • BG552543133
  • 2/18/21 12:10 PM
  • BG201119747
  • 3/29/21 6:45 PM
Arrived ahead of schedule, and in perfect condition. I gotta say that it blows my mind how awesome it is to have a TX that can connect to everything I have no matter the protocol. Buy this you need it
  • eford9303
  • 3/28/21 8:23 PM
holy shit titties buy this!