MAMBA F405 Mini MK2 Betaflight F4 Flight Controller & F30 30A / 25A 3-4S DSHOT600 FPV Racing Brushless ESC 20×20mm for RC Drone FPV Racing

$46.99 $139.85

Note: CN warehouse has upgraded to F30 30A ESC from August 7th .  Other warehouse always F25 25A ESC and will be upgraded soon. 

MAMBA F405 Mini MK2 Betaflight F4 Flight Controller & F30 30A 3-4S DSHOT600 FPV Racing Brushless ESC 20×20mm for RC Drone FPV Racing


Mamba F405 Mini FC
Item name: F405 mini Betaflight Flight Controller
Input: 3~4S LIPO (11.1V~14.8V)
Frequency: 168MHz
OSD: AT7456E
Blackbox: 16M Memory
Uarts: 3 Set
Buzzer Pad: YES
Gyro: MPU6000                                                     
FLASH: 16M                                                     
OSD: AT7456     
BEC 3.3V: Yes(V1.2)
TVS Protection: YES
Target: FURYF405OSD                                                                          
Mounting: 20mm/M2                                                    
Weight: 3.5g

Mamba F30 MINI ESC
Input: 3~4S LIPO (11.1V~14.8V)
Continue current: 30A×4                        
Burst current: 40A (5S)      
Telemetery: NO
Target: CH40                  
Size:  29.0×29.0×5.5mm                     
Mounting: 20mm / φM2                   
Weight: 6.5g

Mounting height: 14MM
Package Included:
1 x Mamba F4 MK2 Mini Betaflight Flight Controller
1 x Mamba F30 30A Mini Brushless ESC 


Customer Reviews

  • pothman
  • 5/1/19 12:51 AM
it's definitely a nice stack. some of the solder pads are small, so you need some skill. also don't like that it come with two short cables. I would like one to be longer so I can mount the ESC and flight controller in a different direction. I made my own cable with parts I had so I could re-orient the board.
  • Lauland
  • 6/11/19 9:20 AM
Momma F405 Mini MK2 Beta flight Flight Controller & F25 20A 3S 4S DSOT 600 FPV RACING STACK Great deal with great quality and performance
  • BG182445451
  • 1/26/21 7:26 AM
Very nice!!
  • Pepeprawns
  • 10/16/18 11:14 PM
This is an outstanding stack. Flys solid as a rock. I really really like it. The solder pads are small but I was able to add everything without any issues at all. I would recommend the stack to anyone. You can see my full review with flight footage here:
  • BG337391395
  • 2/9/21 11:21 AM
been a month since I ordered this.. they want a review of a product I haven't recieved. how's this.... It shouldn't take a month and a half to deliver a product....Get your act together
  • thor9350
  • 10/23/19 10:59 AM
Its a pretty good stack. The solder points are very small and close together so be very careful and maybe even use a magnifying light to work on them. I have it running Betaflight 4.06 on a 6 inch Floss. It does really well. Super light and as long as you don't mind re-mapping the PPM pin to a soft serial to run Smart Audio, you have plenty of UARTS to handle a GPS and an FRsky Receiver with telemetry.It does
  • Ace
  • 3/30/19 4:33 PM
  • Lauland
  • 4/18/19 2:40 AM
Momma F405 Mini Beta flight Flight Controller & f25 20A 3S- 4S DSHOT 600 FPV Racing Brushless ESC
  • Gosomer
  • 6/14/20 10:33 PM
exactly as advertised, the performance is great, this and f411 are my go to stacks. the pads are small so make sure your soldering skills are up to par, if you have shaky hands you may be in for a bit of a headache. but if your good with that you will be hard pressed to find fault with these boards..... 10 out of 10 highly recommended.
  • dtsaerialart
  • 12/9/18 11:58 PM
Amazing value in this stack for building a micro drone. I am using mine in a Catalyist Machineworks Massive Droner 2.5" frame. The documentation it comes with is easy to use and very helpful. I have this stack in my diatone GT-R90 and it works great. Great packaging, Highly Recommended.
  • Mike
  • 4/1/19 5:41 PM
Best 20x20 stack for the money. Conformal coat for even more protection and you're all set. The full fized 30x30 is pretty amazing also.
  • Emaese
  • 2/24/19 6:46 PM
Overall impressive and you get extras like xt30, wire Nd grommets, extra connection cable. Secure packaging. The pads are VERY small so soldering is a bit tricky. Its also a bit large for a 20×20 board. i would buy this again. Well when it hits that 32.00 price point. Very good value for money.
  • Eddy Hsia
  • 3/4/19 3:29 PM
stable, easy to install, plenty of uarts for Tramp, GPS, and receiver. can’t go wrong with this stack. using in 4” build, sassy!! under 250g with Battery
  • Blass727
  • 7/4/19 12:08 PM
looks good, haven't built it yet. just want the bangood points 😂
  • Potis
  • 2/11/19 3:13 PM
It's Diatone, 'nuff said. For a 20A stack, love it. Smooth and capable.
  • Damian Pecile
  • 6/13/19 7:27 AM
Muy buena torre, funciona muy bien, aparentemente no falla nada de momento. El tema del cable corto de la batería por lo menos a mi me llego bastante largo así que calculo que lo mejoraron.
  • Eddy Hsia
  • 3/4/19 3:02 PM
updated BF to 3.5.3, running with 1606 Emax motors, 4052 blades, and GPS for when it gets too far out and I need it to come back on its own.
  • FLYat55FPV
  • 8/16/19 7:14 PM
I have used these boards in over 5 builds and zero issues they are now my go too board.
  • LawrenceDai
  • 2/19/19 10:17 AM
Flight controller looks clean and comes with plenty uart, the 20a 4 in 1 esc works well with micro drone build, with the price it’s unbeatable. Also the wiring diagram is very clear, no more internet searching and guess work, two thumbs up for that.
  • Lauland
  • 4/16/19 8:11 PM
Momma stack