Micro 20x20mm Betaflight Omnibus STM32F4 F4 Flight Controller Built-in BEC OSD for RC FPV Racing Drone

$20.13 $63.90
STM32F4 F4  Brushless Flight Controller Integrated with BEC OSD for 80mm Micro Quadcopter Frame


-DSM, SBUS and PPM receiver input, please configuire RX1 as input interface.
-DSM receiver power from 3.3V.
-SBUS and PPM receiver power from 5V.

Item name: F4 brushless flight control
Size: 27*27mm
Mounting hole: 20*20mm
Weight: 3.3g
Processor: STM32F405RGT6
Sensor: MPU-6000 (connected by SPI)
Firmware version: betaflight_3.0.1_OMNIBUSF4
Built-in BEC: 5V/1A   
Power supply: 2-4S lipo battery

-LED_STRIP solder pin
-Buzzer solder pin
-With LC filter
-With 128Mb flash (16M type)
-Built-in OSD (Using F4 MCU controls OSD over SPI bus in DMS mode)
-Built-in voltage detection, alarm
-Support the newest DSHOT ESC
-Support programmable LEDSD (turn off transponder before using)
-Support BLheli suite 

Package included:
1*F4  Brushless Flight Control Board

Customer Reviews

  • SteveO
  • 8/19/18 12:42 AM
this does not seem to support IBUS and I did notice after I received it that it did not list IBUS as being supported in the details. I had been looking at it and a few others and I think I saw it go on promo sale for really good price and bought it before I realized it was not the right board. No biggie. It did seem to work with my camera and OSD was good. It was easy to set up in BF just did not work with IBUS as far as I could tell and it only has one UART.
  • Nicholas
  • 5/10/18 7:22 PM
i bought this and came defective i think due to the horrible packaging come paper thin no padding or anything which cause my usb port to malfunction and not be recognized there for my drone cant fly the light blink and all i get a solid green light fits lovely looks nice just wish i had a working one to finally get my geprc micro in the air
  • ExiterOne
  • 5/27/17 11:45 AM
Bought this flight controller with high hopes or a new tech. controller. Wish I could say it worked great, but not! After many hours of trying to get the receiver to talk to the flight controller, no good, never worked. Decided to try and reflash it, tried... It would not flash either, tried different baud rates, no good. it will erase the last flash, then the controller disconnects without flashing. My parts to build my new quad arrived today, but now my day is about being pissed I cannot do the build. perhaps i got a bad one, asking Banggood to replace it, we shall see
  • Humayraykinaon
  • 6/28/18 4:59 PM
This is my replacement F4 cause my first one let out a smoke but upon looking at the pictures on BG site looks like the 6wire pin connector, the positive only takes 5v?, when the fc can take 2-4s? My 4in1 esc only output battery voltage so knowing the fc can take 4s I connect the 6wire directly to FC board and burnt out the 5v rail. Picture below is where I solder the esc battery voltage to FC +/- pad.
  • JAHS22
  • 11/25/19 11:05 AM
aside from not having a bootbutton it works great just kinda a hasle to flash new firmware to, but once your through with the update...works jus fine
  • jimid55
  • 3/10/18 10:45 AM
it is kind of a pain to have to change the inputs around to setup PPM input but once done all seems fine I have not flown it yet still waiting for esc to show
  • Dckhntr1
  • 6/7/20 8:40 AM
as expected
  • Docktercolin
  • 4/17/17 8:32 PM
Waiting on my frame to finish but so far have flashed to Betaflight 3.1.7 and Installed and configured my XM+ without issue. Will report when the build is finished and flying.
  • lightning-100
  • 12/4/17 11:06 AM
I had some problems BANGGOOD Took care of them. Buy with confidence!
  • Jake
  • 6/23/17 12:36 PM
My only gripe with this FC is that the voltage regulator seems to cause issues on 3S. I am running the FC off of direct lipo voltage (3S), as the product page indicates that it can handle this without issue. However, I have to cycle the power approximately 4 times when plugging in a freshly charged pack (12.3v) in order to get the FC to arm. At times, the FC has armed with no response from the Gyro (motors spin, but do not react when I move the quad around by hand), in which case I have to power cycle again to get the gyro to respond correctly. This has also caused some intermittent "death roll" issues while in flight, as well as some twitchy flight characteristics at times. Either the gyro is defective, or this is a voltage regulator issue. I did not have these issues on 2S, therefore I am more inclined to believe it is a voltage regulator issue on 3S.
  • Good
  • 1/10/18 12:13 AM
I replaced the F1 Naze on my Eachine Racer 130 with this F4 Omnibus. The gyro sampling rate went from 1 khz to 8 khz, the OSD works well, and the CPU is only running at 4% load. There is a pull down resistor on the RC_IN (PPM input) connection on this FC (like most Omnibus F4 FCs). That pull down is enough to trigger a PPM receiver to go into BIND mode every time the FC is powered on. If you use a PPM receiver and want to avoid having to rebind your receiver every time you power on the FC, you will have to remap resources, which I did by swapping RC_IN with TX1. If you want to see the defaults before swapping, type 'resource' at the CLI command line and you should see that the defaults pin mappings include: resource PPM 1 B14 resource SERIAL_TX 1 A09 This means that RC_IN (PPM 1) is connected to the STMF4 pin B14, and serial TX1 is connected to the STMF4 pin A09. The TX1 connection does not have a pull down, so it can be used to receive PPM signals and not put the receiver in bind mode. Once you have your PPM Rx bound to your transmitter, connect the PPM signal line to the TX1 pin instead of the RC_IN pin, and swap the TX1 and PPM1 resources via these Betaflight CLI commands: resource PPM 1 A09 resource SERIAL_TX 1 B14 save
  • spharticus
  • 1/29/18 7:44 AM
I haven't flown it yet, but when I connected it to my laptop, I discovered that it was already flashed with Betaflight 3.2.2. So far, very happy with this.
  • jcareless1
  • 6/21/18 5:06 PM
I pay close attention and triple check my work. This happens from time to timeI'm sure Banggood will make it right.
  • Chris_76227
  • 4/5/17 8:01 AM
I ordered two. They haven't arrived yet but if they work as they should they will be my new favorite go to flight controller and will be PERFECT with the racerstar 12A 4 in 1 20x20mm ESC board. There is also an 18A racerstar 4 in 1 20x20mm on the way. I will update this if I have any issues with my two flight controllers after they arrive.
  • PlayFun
  • 7/13/18 9:05 PM
Looks good but didn't get to see the performance because the 4 in 1 ESC i had ordered with the flight controller started smoking when i connected the battery and the reason for that is the ESC didn't come with no damn cables for the FC port and the ESC port i made my own but i wired it backwards it was my first time building a brushless drone and wiring backwards is a mistake i want duplicate.
  • Lauland
  • 4/23/19 4:19 AM
Micro 20x20mm Beta Flight OMNIBUS STM32F4 Flight Controller Built-in BEC OSD. for RC FPV Racing Quad
  • jonshank62
  • 8/24/19 7:26 PM
product received in normal bangood shipping time only 1 uart and it is sbus only when i checked the 5v bec it checked at 8.5v lesson learned
  • chrissul13
  • 11/1/17 11:41 PM
Very nice TINY FC. i flashed it to 3.2.1 using the zadig driver installation utility since the USB is using a virtual com port. other than that, seems to work great
  • jeober
  • 6/6/17 7:09 PM
F4 with an MPU6000 so 8K/8K/sec loops are going to be the max. Runs Dshot 600 fine. Great being able to connect to a 4in1 ESC using a 6-wire JST-SH connector jumper cable -- only wish that one was included with the FC.
  • wrong17
  • 9/28/17 4:28 AM
This is my second purchase because the first one I bought worked so well. Betaflight 3.2 RC5 work great on this FC.I use this one a 2.5" race quad and I could not be any happier.