Original Sothing Portable Mini USB Electric Mosquito Swatter Dispeller with LED Light

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Description :

Original Portable Mini USB Electrci Mosquito Swatter Dispeller with LED Light

Specification :

Brand Sothing
Model Sothing Mini Portable Electric Swatter
Size 303mm x 161mm x 30mm
Color White/Red
Material ABS
Input Interface Micro USB
Main Feature Mini Design/Multi-Using/3 Layer Net
Sleek Hnad Design & Easy Holding

Hgh Bright LED Light Attract Mosquito
10000 Times Effective Kill
Battery Capacity 800mAh
Outpyr Current Voltage (Using) 2600V
Using Time 7~10Days Per Full Charge
Charging Time 1.2Hours
Net Weight 170g

Package Included :

1 x Sothing Mini USB Electric Swatter
1 x Sothing Original Package Box 
1 x Usb Charge Cable
1 x User Manual