Outdoor Umbrella Mosquito Net For Home Bed Roman Umbrella Cover Safe Mesh Netting Mosquito Insect Net 3x3x2.3m

$59.84 $180.24
Polyester Fabric
300x300x230cm (after installation)
Black, White

- Enjoy The Outdoors Without The Bugs: Spend more time outside on your patio, porch deck, or lawn without mosquitoes, flies, bees, or other pests bothering you. This mesh netting drapes over an umbrella and table, helping you relax and enjoy your meals on the veranda without the bugs! 
- Strong Mesh Adjusts To Fit Umbrellas: The mesh covering is a premium-quality 100% polyester with a 75D mono-filament thickness. Extra fine, breathable netting keeps bugs out but lets you view in and out easily. A drawstring at the top of the mesh adjusts the sizing to fit umbrellas.
- Zipper Opening For Easy Entry / Exit: A double-sided zipper that you can open from inside or outside allows easy movement in and out of the mesh. The zipper line is thin and will not obstruct your view.
- Easy Assembly & Removal: The mesh netting takes only minutes to install or remove. When not in use, the netting folds up to a compact size for storage. Installation instructions are included with the net. 

Package Included:
1 x Mosquito net

The umbrella, stand table and chairs shown in the pictures are not included.