PUDA D240 240mm 4mm Arm 3K Carbon Fiber Durable True X Type Frame Kit for RC Drone

$42.94 $123.75
PUDA D240 240mm 4mm Arm 3K Carbon Fiber Durable Racing Frame Kit 

ALL orders would be send in new version like photos showed.

Brand Name: PUDA
Model: D240
Item Name: 240mm Carbon Fiber X Type Racing Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 240mm
Material: 3K Twill Carbon Fiber
The Thickness of Top Plate: 2mm
The Thickness of Frame Arm: 4mm
The Thickness of Bottom Plate: 1.5mm
Camera Fixing Plate Thickness: 2mm
Weight: 110g

- TrueX Motor Layout
- Durable and Lightweight Design
- 3K Twill Weave Carbon Fiber
- Chamfered Plate Edges
- Low Profile but Spacious Design 
- Adjustable FPV Camera Mount
- Top Mounted Battery
- Exchangeable Arms
- Titanium M3 Hardware
Recommend Parts:
Flight Controller: F3 / F4 Flight Controller
Brushless Motor: 22XX Series Motor
Brushless ESC: 30A - 40A ESC
Propeller: 5 Inch Prop
Lipo Battery: 3S/ 4S Lipo
Camear: Runcam Swift 2
FPV VTX: Fatshark Tramp HV
Goggle: Fatshark Dominator V3

The Follwoing Parts are suitable:
Flight Controller:
Lipo Battery: Click

Package included:
1x PUDA 240mm Frame Kit 


Customer Reviews

  • peter
  • 4/24/18 8:28 PM
Not perfect but very nice.
  • computeradam
  • 1/5/18 1:13 PM
has double the plates in the front which makes it less prone to braking, I love the design that this team came up with, standard screws make it more cost effective then the original stingy by 90%
  • Bruno13
  • 1/10/18 2:10 PM
Beautiful frame clean cuts. Easy build and priced right. Wish you guys where still selling this frame.
  • Anfrae
  • 5/16/18 11:19 PM
This is just ridiculous. This is my third time ordering this frame. I purchased from banggood to avoid just what happened. It's a clone of a clone. Arrived in a plastic bag with a make shift sticker. The genuine puda frame comes in a black and blue bag. You might have just lost one of your biggest customers and you know I've spent thousands
  • ToekneeSee
  • 1/18/18 4:35 PM
  • 2/2/18 8:50 AM
Beautiful frame. Its really too bad that this is a clone, on its own this frame would be awesome. But other then that it really is a nice frame.
  • Johnnypoopoo
  • 2/15/18 9:27 AM
I love this frame. The camera mount is just a few mm too tall and I guess that's why they included 4 nylon washers. I just took some diamond files and filed it down a bit and it fit like a glove. The chamfering on the arms is a little inconsistent but not bad overall. Super easy to build in and it looks amazing. Nice low profile!!!
  • Ethan Steckmann
  • 4/6/18 11:34 PM
Chamfers are a bit rough but overall the frame is awesome!
  • peter
  • 2/3/18 5:07 PM
Very nice quality carbon fiber.
  • 9grandredline
  • 2/6/19 5:05 PM
this is a 2nd time purchase, for a 2nd build. Genuine stingy accessories will fit like: decals and 3D printed TPU mounts, armguards, etc. Price is unbeatable for the kit offered. It makes a very durable quad, and it looks fantastic.
  • rdobers
  • 1/28/18 8:05 AM
I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews, but after receiving the frame I have no regrets on this purchase. The CF is cut very nicely. The beveled edges are actually done fairly well. A little 400 grit sand paper does the trick. The camera mounts are a little tall, but a washer under each front post fixes that. For the money I'm pretty happy with it. It is very stiff not weak like the YouTube video claims.