Radiolink R12DSM 2.4G 12CH DSSS FHSS Receiver for AT9 AT9S AT10 AT10II Transmitter

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Radiolink R12DSM 2.4G 12CH DSSS FHSS Receiver for AT9 AT9S AT10 AT10II Transmitter

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Radiolink R12DSM 2.4G 12CH receiver, DSSS and FHSS hybrids dual spread spectrum, 2.5 gram weight, SBUS and PPM signal support, use for Radiolink transmitters AT9, AT9S, AT10 and AT10II, is the best choice for racing drone.

Brand name: Radiolink
Item number: R12DSM

Channels: 12 channels
Working voltage: 4.8-6V
Working current: 40-180mA (input voltage: 5V)
Size: 30*15 MM
Weight: 2.5g
4096 section precision, 0.5us per section, servo anti-shake rudder.
Control distance: about 1100 meters ground and 4000 meters air, actually control distance depends on the environment.


* Only 1 gram of weight.
* Radiolink R12DSM, 2.4G 12CH receiver.
* DSSS and FHSS spread spectrum working synchronousl.
* SBUS and PPM signal support, use for Radiolink transmitters AT9,AT9S,AT10 and AT10II, is the best choice for racing drone.

Two signal working mode:
Blue/purple LED, SBUS signal, 12 channels totally.
Red LED always, PPM signal, 12 channels totally.
SBUS and PPM signal change:
Short press the ID SET switch two times within 1 second, the signal is changed from SBUS to PPM. The red LED indicates the PPM and blue/purple indicates SBUS.
How to bind with transmitter:
1. Place the transmitter and the receiver close to each other within 1 meters.
2. Turn on the transmitter, then power on the R12DSM.
3. There is a black button on the R12DSM, press the binding button twice in two seconds and release, receiver light start blinking, after about 8 times blinking, match code success when receiver signal LED always on!

Radiolink R12DSM Manual,

Note: If there is a sticker in the receiver, please rips it off before you use, otherwise it will affect the use of the receiver.

Package Included:
1X Radiolink R12DSM 2.4G 12CH DSSS FHSS Receiver


Customer Reviews

  • RickinSCusA
  • 7/14/19 8:31 PM
works great on my 5 inch quad with excellent range
  • duytan08
  • 9/4/18 9:12 PM
Nice product for the price. Thanks!
  • cmccarpentry
  • 7/30/20 11:04 AM
Arrived in perfect condiction,
  • vince
  • 6/17/18 2:12 AM
  • Jim Duffield
  • 10/14/19 7:03 PM
great value!
  • vince
  • 8/23/18 6:01 PM
good receiver
  • BG563216432
  • 10/17/19 5:51 AM
  • Samvip00
  • 1/12/20 2:04 AM
worked great. everything I expected.
  • Wazu
  • 3/18/21 2:16 AM
I haven't had a chance to test the full range of this receiver but so far, it has a decent range. Significantly better than my r9d and r9ds. Currently paired with an AT9S transmitter on my Eachine LAL5
  • 2/5/19 12:47 AM
  • wrxcoastie
  • 6/25/19 11:09 PM
Very small but packed with features. Have not installed it but should be worth the wait.
  • DizzyX
  • 9/27/18 9:28 PM
works good
  • Personmans
  • 12/4/17 10:48 AM
Small, lightweight, simple interface that is marked well. Works perfectly with the AT9 transmitter, great product for the price.
  • RickinSCusA
  • 4/6/19 10:46 AM
works good with my at10ii
  • Specktech
  • 1/16/19 5:44 PM
This is my favorite receiver. I have a few of them now. And they all work so well. Thanks Banggood and Radiolink.
  • Stu
  • 11/2/18 1:42 PM
Getting great reception with this, have one in each of 3 quads now.
  • Hector Fidalgo
  • 7/30/18 9:17 AM
it works well you can carry it to perfection with two different things but the same works well
  • Salisburyd
  • 3/23/20 10:26 AM
Works good
  • giovanni
  • 7/1/18 12:51 PM
Muy buena señal
  • Mitchell Diggs
  • 2/17/19 7:42 AM