Realacc Backpack Case with Waterproof Transmitter Beam port Bag Tool Board for RC Drone FPV Racing

$71.43 $223.22
Realacc Backpack Case with Waterproof Transmitter Beam port Bag for RC Drone FPV Racing


Brand name: Realacc
Item name: Backpack
Meterial: Cloth: Polyester / Plastic: PVC / Lining, partitions: nylon
Lining Cache Type Nylon Thickness: 10cm
Strap: 47cm-88cm
Bottom waist belt: 58cm-99cm
Upper buckle: 25cm-39cm
Tool storage plate size: 35x24cm
Bag size: 45x33x21cm
Internal volume: 41x30x20cm

Packing size: 35x26x18cm
Bag weight: about 1.66kg
Maximum weight: about 18kg

Max. weight-bearing : 18kg

Package Included:
1 x Backpack

Recommend parts:
Tool Board Case with Hand Tie, .


Customer Reviews

  • stovall777
  • 2/5/19 2:19 PM
Great product, would highly recommend!!
  • byhashimoto
  • 10/8/20 8:05 PM
Loved the backpack! The movable partitions were great as it allowed me to customize the space for my equipment. I just got little GPS cases for my Mobula 6 and put it in one of the partitions to prevent damage. The larger drones are strapped to the outside of the backpack.
  • Jansen Ng
  • 5/8/20 12:56 AM
awesome quality and fast USA shipping.
  • steadfast4life
  • 7/14/18 4:24 PM
This bag is super nice for fpv. Its got more room than I need and is well thought out. It has an included tool case which is a bonus. It comes smashed in a bag in a wierd way and smells funky. The smell goes away after a few days. This bag replaced a giant HK bag which was too big. Its not super high quality but with care will last for years and for the price is good.
  • SPIFFfpv
  • 9/8/20 12:27 AM
best purchase ever! I don't have a bunch of drone but I do have 4 that fit easy into this backpack along with all my other gear. quality material all around very happy with it.
  • EJJ420
  • 11/23/18 3:03 PM
This bag replaced my Tactical style backpack that I had converted to a Drone pack. It is made of decent materials. The velcro foam separators work well enough, there is also 2 stretch velcro straps to help hold goggles/transmitter/Drone in place while moving. The main reason I purchased this bag is to be able to go from my car to flying as fast as possible, this bag should do that well.
  • BG355415152
  • 11/18/20 7:15 PM
really nice for new to fpv drone. keeps my stuff all organize .
  • raviasoflo
  • 6/26/20 11:26 PM
  • buellrider84
  • 12/14/18 4:32 PM
came rather quickly. looks great. lots of room for items. many different compartments!
  • Montgomery
  • 1/17/19 3:37 PM
I love this bag I’m able to pretty much carry everything I need to do repairs for my drones. I like that it has interchangeable compartments inside so u can place things exactly how u want it. great buy!!!
  • Bobbyg614
  • 7/22/19 2:35 PM
Surprisingly spacious. After a month of using I’m noticing the stitching is coming loose where the shoulder strap meets the top. Not to big of a deal since I know how to sew. For the price it’s definitely worth it!
  • Povd
  • 1/12/19 11:32 AM
I cant say anything bad about this backpack, it's well made , comes with extras like the tool holder, it has great padding for your equipment.,its price is very reasonable, it has plenty of space, and it can be fully configured to fit your needs. if your on the fence about getting this then just get it you won't be disappointed ,not if you got the same backpack I got
  • OregonAV8R
  • 1/26/20 8:16 PM
perfect! much easier than my old backpack.
  • D-Lite
  • 6/25/18 1:25 PM
Great backpack that's really functional and diverse. Has plenty of room for my googles, trasmitter (x-lite), ethix case, lipo bag, tools and enough outside space to strap up to possible 3 5in quads. However I'm currently using it for a 5in and 2.5in at the moment. I would recommend to anybody in the market for a good midsize fpv backpack.
  • danielrisoli
  • 10/26/19 3:57 PM
bang good has the worst customer service. if you by something and pay extra for the shipping insurance. If the item does not come they, will not refund the money. do not buy from them
  • BG455363816
  • 2/18/21 1:31 PM
  • BG455363816
  • 2/18/21 1:33 PM
  • briarlusk12
  • 3/17/21 5:04 PM
very good and professional
  • Wing Kong To
  • 7/29/19 11:18 PM
So Good👍
  • BG454864524
  • 6/2/20 4:36 PM
fits everything I need.