Realacc RFX185 RFX160 4mm Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Frame RC Drone w/ 5V & 12V PDB Supports 4-5 Inch Prop

$29.98 $97.02

Realacc RFX185 RFX160 4mm Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Frame w/ 5V & 12V PDB  Supports 4-5 Inch Propellers

Dear customers,
The RFX160 FPV Racing Frame comes wihout 4 frame arm fixed plates, only the RFX185 with.

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RFX160 FPV Racing Frame:

RFX185 FPV Racing Frame:

Brand: Realacc 
Item name: RFX185 RFX160 FPV Racing Frame 
Wheelbase: 185mm (RFX185 ), 160mm (RFX160)
Material: carbon fiber
Weight without PDB: 40g (RFX185 ), 35g(RFX160) 
RFX185 supports 4-5 inch propellers.
RFX160 supports 4 inch propellers.
Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe.
Full frame kit as light as 35g and 40g without PDB.
Multiple build configurations, FPV, line-of-sight, arm brace box.
Ultra Compact size for 5" propellers, 185mm motor to motor. (RFX185 only, RFX160 supports 4 inch propellers)
Easy grip black anodized aluminum spacers.
Included 5V & 12V power distribution board.
Designed around popular 26mm sized cams in cases such as the HS1177.
Recommended Parts (not included):
5 inch:


4 inch:

Brushless Motors 1806~2205:


Flight controller:

Camera and transmitter:

FPV Monitor & video goggles:

Package included:
1 x Realacc RFX185 or  RFX160 FPV Racing Frame 
1 x 5V & 12V PDB


Customer Reviews

  • vince
  • 4/4/18 7:57 AM
Good solid frame
  • Nightover
  • 2/2/17 3:26 PM
This was my first build and even though I was warned that it should not be, it went together pretty well using the RacerStar 4 in 1 20amp ESC. Motor mounts are spaced 16mm apart so be sure you select motors that will fit the frame.
  • enagano
  • 9/11/18 3:08 PM
This frame is super light weight at not cost to the durability,
  • skuibreaker
  • 1/30/17 7:13 AM
works as intended
  • 9/3/17 5:05 PM
Incredibly designed frame! This is my second one and I highly recommend it to any skilled pilot who is looking for pure speed. RFX185 all day long!
  • rblos1123
  • 11/12/17 7:33 PM
I got the 160mm for 4" props and I love it. It's a good cheap, strong frame. Flying great.
  • Rotorbotix
  • 4/4/19 7:45 PM
I bought this frame for a ridiculously light quad build. Very Stout and very stiff. The frame is good for 22xx motors but since I’m using 1408 motors + kiss AIO + 450mah 4s batts I will have to modify the motor mount holes to fit the smaller motors- no problem. This frame is going to be perfect for what I’m going to fly.
  • 3/22/17 6:04 PM
This thing is a SCREAMER!!!!
  • pbrosseau
  • 5/10/17 6:51 PM
Seems to be ok for the price slow shipping one lower plate was not included in my frame no instructions would have been better to invest in the instructions rather than a box wouldn't that be more usefully? Or isit just me
  • Chris_76227
  • 3/13/17 10:03 PM
everything looks decent so far. Might break in a hard crash but you kind of know that going in with a thin frame design like this.
  • dougday
  • 11/8/16 8:00 PM
Fastest FPV racing frame. Extremely light
  • ajusino
  • 12/2/16 11:41 AM
this frame is very light and strong even without all the supports installed. a 4in1 esc is a must to take advantage of the aerodynamics.
  • danielscott03
  • 10/18/16 8:03 PM
This is a very nice quality frame. It is sturdy. It will work nice for a quad im building.
  • De La Cuesta
  • 2/7/18 6:25 AM
gets the job done
  • dougday
  • 11/8/16 8:04 PM
Fastest FPV frame
  • Ed024
  • 12/5/16 4:00 PM
Good quality all hardware there
  • pur
  • 8/2/17 2:06 PM
I like it, but it's smaller than you think.