RELASSY Plant Light Grow Light Flood Light LED Light Full Spectrum Ultra-thin Tent Greenhouse Yellow Light Indoor Flood Light Waterproof

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Sunlight-like full spectrum: The outdoor growth light of plants has a good full spectrum (380~830nm). It provides plants, vegetables, succulent plants and flowers with the natural sunlight they desire in each kind of growth. The first stage. (630-660nm) Promote flowering, fruiting and increase yield. (440-460nm) Promote germination and photosynthesis. (780-800nm) is conducive to the growth of plant cells.

Waterproof & Multi-purpose: The waterproof growth lamp adopts IP68 waterproof and dustproof. The waterproof growth lamp LED is suitable for indoor and outdoor plant growth and lighting when plants need extra light in rainy or snowy days. No need to worry about damage caused by water seepage.

High-efficiency DOB technology: Use the new DOB technology to maximize the use of light to provide plants with a uniform sun-like full spectrum, thereby effectively increasing vegetable yields. Experimental results show that under the conditions of red light and blue light, the full spectrum of DOB growth light can increase by 37%. At the same time, it can save up to 40% of energy consumption and reduce the cost of electricity. The actual working power is 150±5%W, which replaces the traditional 450W at the same time.

Safety and smart design: The indoor plant light is equipped with aviation aluminum and clever ventilation holes on the back panel to ensure that the operating temperature of the outdoor panel of the LED grow light does not exceed 65°C and provides good heat dissipation. The length of the power cord is 1.8m, and the adjustable bracket forms an arbitrary angle of illumination. The product works without fans and drivers, ultra-thin and ultra-light.

The power cord is 1.8M long.

Package included:

1 x LED Grow Light