RELASSY Yellow Light Full Tube Enough Double-headed Three-Speed Five-speed Dimming LED Plant Light

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[Like real sunlight]: Worried that your indoor plants are not getting enough sunlight? Not anymore! The light grown by this luminous LED provides full-spectrum light and all wavelengths of light between 380nm-800nm ​​to simulate natural sunlight! This indoor plant growth light promotes photosynthesis, accelerates germination, flowering and fruiting, while promoting overall plant health.
 [Full spectrum lighting]: Different from red and blue spectrum plant lights, our LED plant lights provide real sun for indoor plants, just like full spectrum plant lights, multilayer reflectors cover more light areas. Excellent heat dissipation design, our indoor plant lights can be used for several months without reducing any brightness, providing you with long-term reliable use.
 [Usage and Mode]: Whether you are growing some herbs or just ordinary household plants, you can count on our indoor plant grow lights. 4 levels of dimming, according to your actual needs, you can freely adjust the increasing light of indoor lighting intensity, making it a choice for indoor plants, hydroponics, greenhouses, and even as a common desk lamp clipped on the table.
 [Easy to install]: Using the C clip, you can place this grow light in your home, office, plant station and any other places you want, while keeping this LED grow light securely and firmly clamped on the table. The flexible gooseneck is longer and thicker, providing 360 degree rotation. Automatically turn on/off the timing function, allowing you to set the complete spectrum increase light for 3, 6 or 12 hours.
 [Safe and reliable use]: Our sunlight grow lights have passed FCC, CE, ROHS and PSE certifications, and provide overcurrent, overheating and overvoltage protection so that you can safely use LED growing lights around your home and office . Your purchase is guaranteed by our two-year service guarantee.


Number of LED lamp beads: 2
Luminous flux: 15000 (lm)
Light efficiency of lamps: 2.4 (lm/W)
Power factor: 0.97
Protection level: IP67
Control method: manual key switch
Voltage: 100-260V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 24W

Package Included:

1X plant light

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