SIYI XT32 2.4GHz 16CH Smart Transmitter with XR32 Receiver Support S.Bus PWM PPM Output for RC Drone

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SIYI XT32 2.4GHz 16CH Smart Transmitter with XR32 Receiver Support S.Bus PWM PPM Output for RC Drone

Brand: SIYI
Item name: XT32 Transmitter
Dimension: 194.5 x 172.5 x 114 mm
Weight: 610 g
Channels: 26 Physical Channels, 16 Receiver Output Channels
Applicable Model: Fixed Wings / Helicopters / Gliders / Quadcopters /
Multi-rotors / Vehicles / Boat / Robots
Data Memory: 64 sets of transmitter setting data; extensible
Language Display: Chinese / English
Joystick Resolution: 4096 grades
Frequency Band: 2.4000GHz - 2.4830GHz
Transmitting Power: 20 dBm
Receiving Sensibility: -112 dBm
Transmission Distance: Maximum 3000 meters (unobstructed, free of interference)
PC Software: SIYI Assistant
Display Screen: 2.8 inch high brightness colorful LCD screen, display resolution: 240x320
Screen Type: Capacitive touch screen
Battery Type: Built-in 3.7V 3000mAh Li-Po 1S battery
Working Current: 270 mA
Duration: 12 hours
Charging Port: Micro-USB port

Brand: SIYI
Item name: XR32 Receiver
Channels: 16CH
Support 16CH S.Bus,9CH PWM,9CH PPM Output
Advanced SHTT frequency hopping technology
Support runaway protection function
Support extension port


Advanced SHTT Spread-spectrum Technology
XT32 transmitting and receiving system applies SIYI Technology’s latest bidirectional 2.4GHz spread-spectrum technology named as SHTT (SIYI Hopping Telemetry Technology), the maximum effective transmission distance with stable flight control can be 3km (unobstructed, free of interference). Transmitter and receiver are linked by a unique matching code, enhancing their anti-interference performance beyond and among transmitters, allowing multiple transmitters working in stability synchronously.

Extraordinary Handling & Accurate Manipulating Experience
XT32 transmitter fits user’s palm perfectly by applying a fashionably streamlined and compact industrial design, a delicate ergonomics design and even a thoughtful matte silicone pad as additional protection. All these ideas and results enable you to free your mind before taking off a flight.

16-Channel Multi-functional Fast-response Mode
XT32 transmitter’s 16 channels support all kinds of model aircrafts including fixed wings, helicopters, gliders, quadcopters and multi rotors, and other models.
* 5ms fast-response mode

Real-Time Telemetry
In XT32 transmitter monitor it displays real-time telemetry of receiver voltage, aircraft power, transmission strength, GPS module and other multi-sensors.

Voice Broadcast with Vibration Alert
Voice broadcast with vibration alert help users be more concentrate on flight.

High Brightness Colorful LCD Touch Screen, Brand New GUI System
XT32 transmitter’s high brightness colorful screen is clearly visible in sunlight. There are no complicated traditional keys and buttons, but a built-in LCD touch screen on transmitter, assisted by a turntable menu in the brand new GUI system. All these revolutionary new features in software and hardware provide a more user-friendly experience on transmitting settings.

Creative 5-dimensional Sub-trim Button
Sub-trim button designs in traditional transmitters have been overturned in XT32, now you are able to do quick adjustment between sub-trim buttons and joysticks in a flight. The sub-trim buttons are made of metal feeling materials, along with the unity industrial design, bring you an extraordinary manipulating experience.

Fulfils the Requirement of Complicated Models or Robots
-In default, XT32 transmitter can save 64 sets of model data, the amount can be extended without a limit if necessary.
-Powerful programmable mixing control supports various customized linear mixing and curve mixing.
-Adjustable rate, editable throttle curve and pitch curve make complicate control easy to finish.
-Data copy function provides convenience for users on sharing transmitter settings with friends.
-Trainer mode support two transmitters working together, one for trainer, another for trainee. In trainer mode there are various protection, for instance trainer transmitter can take control of flight from trainee transmitter through one switch.
-Channel mapping function supports customize channel definition; Fail-safe function provides more security to flight safety.

Package included:
1 x XT32 Transmitter
1 x XR32 Receiver