Super Capacitor 2.8V3000F 18V500F Automotive Rectifier Module

$193.56 $744.46
Functions and features:

1. Increase the engine power to make the throttle response more brisk and sensitive.
2. Improve the phenomenon of picking up cars at low gears to make shifting smoother.
4. The spark plugs that evenly supply electric power to each cylinder make the engine work more smoothly.
5. Reduce the phenomenon of idling jitter to make it more stable.
6. Reduce clutter interference and improve sound quality of car audio system.
7. Protect the battery and electrical circuit system of the original car, reduce its load and prolong its service life.
8. Shorten the startup time of car engines.


Voltage: 2.8V
Capacity: 3000F
Volume: 35mm * 55mm * 17.5mm

Package included:

1 x Super Capacitor module