T-Motor F60 Pro IV V2 2207 1750KV 1950KV 4-6S / 2550KV 4S Brushless Motor for RC Drone FPV Racing

$28.61 $105.18

Now in V2 Version, like photos showed

Old Version has been stopped produced.

September 25th.

Brand Name: T-motor
Model: F60 Pro IV V2
Item Name:  2207 1750KV 1950KV 4-6S / 2550KV 4S Brushless Motor
KV: 1750KV/ 1950KV / 2550KV ( Optional)
Color: Red/ Gray/ Blue ( Optional)
Version: CW Screw Thread
Quantity: One PC
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Shaft Height: 12mm
Configuration: 12N14P
Input Voltage: 4-6S@1750KV & 1950KV; 4S@2550KV
Idle Current(10V): 1.2A@ & 1950KV; 2A@2550KV
Burst Current(60S): 39A@1750KV & 1950KV; 50A@1950KV; 46A@2550KV
Internal Resistance: 65mΩ@1750KV; 51mΩ@1950KV; 37mΩ@2550KV
Max. Power(60S): 940W@1750KV; 1190W@1950KV; 746W@2550KV
Dimension: 27.1x31.1mm
Weight: 32.5g@1750KV; 32.3g@1950KV ; 32.4g@2550KV 

Diffirence from Pro III Version:
1. Lighter & Quicker response

- Crafted product, reducing weight at every detail. 9% less weight compared with F60PROIII-  
- Internal motor pinhole (0.05g less)
- 12MM steel shaft (0.4g less)
- Customized silicone wire(0.4g less)
- Silicon steel sheet ( redesign to less 0.5g)
- Other (0.2g less)
2. Durability Enhanced greatly
- Interlaced rib design
- Shaft height is reduced to 12MM
- Special base design
3.Improve user experience at every detail
- Customized prop nut to protect the shaft thread effectively
- Optimized mounting holes perfectly match the frames/arms
Package Included:
1x T-Motor F60 Pro IV 2207 Motor


Customer Reviews

  • Luke
  • 9/5/20 1:21 PM
One of the best motors for 5-6" quadcopters for use with 6s lipo batteries. Very efficient with lots of power, very reliable and durable. Would recommend 100% to anyone