URUAV Martian_S 220mm 5 Inch 4mm Arm Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Frame Kit

$29.99 $114.90
New Year ONLY URUAV Martian_S 220mm 4mm Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Frame Kit

Note: The PDB board is not included.

Brand name: URUAV
Item name: 220mm Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 220mm
Material: Carbon fiber
Arm thickness: about 4mm
Thickness of top plate: about 1.5mm
Thickness of bottom plate: about 2mm
Weight: 122g

Recommend parts (package not include):
ESC: 12A-20A
Propeller: 5030 5045
Battery: 3S 1500-2200
Flight control: F3/F4 (30.5x30.5mm hole)
Motor: 1806  2204  2205  2206 (16x19)
Package included:
1 X Frame Kit


Customer Reviews

  • memato
  • 7/25/19 11:08 AM
great great price and fast shipping love this frame
  • romzilla234
  • 7/22/19 12:44 PM
seems good for the price. you can't beat it!!!
  • Jeff Timmons
  • 3/11/19 5:54 PM
This is a great frame for the price!
  • JB_Brown
  • 4/30/19 3:08 PM
Purchased on sale and found to be great little frame. Popular frame online. Thank you Banggood!
  • aleuken
  • 1/27/19 10:26 PM
nice frame to bash around with. tons of build room, and nice colors on standoffs. first frame I ever build a quad with years ago, just bought more to bash
  • sheepjeep
  • 4/19/19 5:34 AM
great price
  • hillbillies
  • 7/23/19 10:20 AM
good frame great replacement for wizard x220 and 220s
  • BG411112345
  • 10/19/20 9:28 AM
quality starter frame
  • john12321
  • 8/25/19 7:27 AM
excellent beginners frame
  • kevnchaffin
  • 7/30/19 3:31 PM
got it need to build it
  • BG453716454
  • 4/13/19 11:17 PM
seams soild
  • Jeff Timmons
  • 2/13/19 12:10 PM
This is a very good product, delivered on time.
  • JB_Brown
  • 3/22/19 11:21 AM
Using this for my first 220 sized quadcopter. Good quality at a great price. Thanks Banggood!
  • Chogsz
  • 4/3/21 4:31 AM
just what I needed for my first build.
  • mheiger
  • 2/1/19 8:16 PM
This kit arrived quickly and as expected. All the parts were there and the quality seem good. I have built the frame and I am waiting for the chance to fly!!! This kit did not include the PDB but the listing states that it does not so don't be surprised just read the description. It included all the standoffs and loads of extra screws!!!! All and all seems like an excellent frame. Looking forward to testing the what I believe to be foam core carbon fiber durability!