VX145 145mm Wheelbase 3mm Arm Thickness Carbon Fiber 3 Inch Frame Kit for RC FPV Racing Drone

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 VX145 145mm Wheelbase 3mm Arm Carbon Fiber Racing Frame Kit for Racing Drone 

Item Name: 145mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit
Model: VX145
Wheelbase: 145mm
Arm Plate Thickness: 3mm
Bottom Plate Thickness: 3mm
Side Plate Thickness: 1.5mm
Material: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 29g

Recommend Parts: ( Not included in the package)
Flight Control & ESC: 20x20mm FC & ESC Flytower
Motor: 1407 Motor
VTX & Camera: FPV Transmitter AIO Camera Module
Propeller: Not bigger than 3 Inch 

The following parts are suitable:
FC&ESC FlyTower: 


Package Included:
1x VX145 145mm Frame Kit


Customer Reviews

  • jay
  • 9/11/19 11:44 AM
Awesome frame. Great quality.
  • scragglykat
  • 12/20/18 6:39 PM
I wanted to build my own 3" quadcopter, and this frame ended up looking like the best option. It's very strong, and with a few 3D printed parts, you can get the weight pretty low.
  • SteveO
  • 8/27/18 9:47 PM
This was my first real build besides my whoop and I will say it was not that bad. I used a runcam micro swift 2 with runcam vtx, omnibus f4 nano (banggood ver), lizard105s 28A 4 in 1 ESC, fli+14 receiver, brotherhobby t1 tornado 1407 4100kv motors flying IBUS on my FSi6 getting full telemetry/rssi on tx and in OSD. Running on 3S - 550 or 4S - 650 with dalprop 3056 props, this setup runs super nice. I expected this to turn out bad because it was my first build but I am in lurv, (that's right, true lurv) with this little monster. So smooth on untuned BF. I cant say enough of how well this little frame handles. I would highly recommend it but the only reason I took a star away is because it was missing the carbon fiber piece that holds the camera mount so I had to use zip ties to hold it on which doesnt hold it to the frame as tightly as it should. Banggood gave me 500 points which as far as I could tell was only for use to buy coupons that I don't need because I was not able to redeem them for cash on a purchase which sucked. Otherwise, this is a solid little frame which takes a hit very well and flies incredible and very easy to put together. Don't forget to get the buzzer/LED that fits in the 2 grooves in the back of the frame, fits perfect into the grooves and adds strength, sold separately.
  • DShizzle
  • 3/26/19 7:35 PM
Hopefully, this one lasts longer than the last one.