Waterproof Flowers Pattern Bathroom Shower Curtain Pedestal Rug Lid Toilet Cover Mat Bath Mat Set for Home Decoration

$17.59 $57.48
Main Features:

● Fitted with C-shaped curtain hooks.

● Designed to fit standardized bath tubs.

● Prevent water from splashing out of the shower stall.

● Ideally suits most standard sized bathrooms; just suspend it on steel tube.

● Images imprinted using heat dye sublimation technique for lasting effects.

● Soft feeling and comfortable.

● PVC mesh bottom, non-toxic, odorless, not moldy.

● Easy absorb water and dust, good slip resistance.
● Anti skid water absorption, not easy to drop the villus.
● Plum blossom point plastic.


Material: Polyester Fiber

Bath Curtain Size: 180.00 x 180.00 cm / 71.00 x 71.00 inches 
Bath Mat Size: 45.00 x 75.00 cm / 17.70 x 29.50 inches

Toilet Cover Mat Size: 37.50 x 35.50 cm / 14.80 x 14.00 inches

Pedestal Rug Mat Size: 45.00 x 37.50 cm / 17.70 x 14.80 inches

Package Contents

Type A:

            1 x Bath Curtain

            1  Bag Of Installation Accessories

Type B:

            1 x Toilet Cover Mat

            1 x Pedestal Rug Mat

            1 x Bath Mat
Type C:
            1 x Bath Curtain
            1 x Toilet Cover Mat

            1 x Pedestal Rug Mat

            1 x Bath Mat
            1 Bag Of Installation Accessories