YEUX 1.5M Telescopic Carbon Rod Fishing Net Set Folding Fishing Net Outdoor Fishing Tools Set from

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Name Telescopic Fishing Net Set 
Brand YEUX 
Material Carbon
Total length 150cm 
Length after contraction 93.5(±5)cm
Weight 149.8(±5)g
Suitable for Rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds,
streams and others

Lightweight carbon rod body, light weight, strong toughness, corrosion resistance.
Use fast dry material mesh, fine mesh, folding, easy to receive.
Adjustable design with spiral fine tuning, strong locking, free positioning, not easy to slip.
Alloy folding net ring, lightweight design, durable, easy fishing.
Silicone comfortable grip, anti - slip wear - resistant dirt, comfortable and breathable.
Side monofilament nylon, fine stitching, with reflective strip design, faster and more accurate fishing.

Package Included:
1xFishing  Net Carbon Rod
1xFishing  Net
1xFishing  Net Head
1xSrorage Bag