YEUX 1.5M/2.1M Cast Net Easy Throw Catch Fishing Net Outdoor Hunting Hand Throw Network Small Mesh Fish Trap Network Ring Throwing a Cast Net From

$128.99 $401.84
Product name
YEUX Fishing Throwing Net
Product Type 1.5M Type / 2.1M Type
Product item Number
PW01-300 PW01-420
Material composition
Nylon tire line, steel drop, PE line, etc
Net weight 
2.1/2 .8KG
Mesh diameter
Length of hand rope
Number of steel pendants
Fishing net height
1.5/2 .1M
Package size
49 * 49*9cm

- Frisbee design, easy to cast and open net 
- Nylon tire line, strong and corrosion resistant
- Steel pendant , not easy to fall off and sink quickly
- Extended hand rope, throw further and get more

How to Use:
1. First, smooth the fishing net and make it vertical
2. The right hand swings the net foot fan;
3. Put the left hand into the wristband, and close the net rope one circle at a time (Note: do not mess with the hand rope);
4. Take the net feet up a little bit and grab the net rope on the left hand;
5. Grasp the reticle with your right hand, select the right position, and sprinkle it to the target point with force; (Note: when casting the net, both hands are slowly releasing the net)
6. When the net feet sink to the bottom, slowly retract the net.

Package included:
1 x Fishing Net 
1 x Storage Bag
1 x Instructions